Zvukofor Sound Labs
Ordinary Magic Music Tools

We are a small research, development and manufacturing lab, specializing in music tools with a character and unique feature set. Our products developed according to demands of musicians and engineers, to make fast and bold artistic decisions, or to refine details of a sound palette. Our instruments are all about bringing the source's unique character upfront, emphasizing its own particular details. 

We are manufacturers of a somehow famous Tanhx saturator — it won award for the best FX at Synthposium-5 convention, have high praise among musicians, producers and even some mastering engineers around the world, and has been modeled in Tokyo Dawn Molot compressor plugin, which has been praised again.

Soonish'er than you'd think!

After all these years, been building desktop devices, big racks, custom consoles and so on, we've decided to finally make our own place on web, to present (and sell) all our products to a wide audience, to tell the principles and how-tos, to share a huge base of knowledge we've collected during years of R&D for nonlinear processes, saturation, distortion, and so on.

Keep in touch, we'll finish really soonish, meanwhile you can visit our Instagram, Youtube and other s.c. social media platforms.