Zvukofor Sound Labs is a small research and development laboratory.


Our mission is a world evolution via art and science. Music is our life.

We develop instruments and technologies that helps musicians to make art.




We do strongly believe that the art and education are the only real powers to change the world.

We do condemn any wars, military operaitions, and any forced manipulations to the people.

We know that the only way to solve any problems is a communications and intelligent actions.




Are we anarchists? - in a way, we do believe people of the Earth can work and live without any government control and media manipulation.
The only real good government is a small local board of the greatest/most smart people of that area.
The only real media is what a good friend of citizens make.
The only way to live a good, full life is to have a trust in people around you, and do your own job fair and with a proud.
We do.
The only way to live is to live for the better future of the planet.
That's why every thing we do is marked Made on Earth.