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Music production is everything from composing and arrangement to recording and mixing, including all technical and artistic aspects. I assist an artist in his process of making his work of art, sometimes just “mixing a paints and preparing a canvas” for an artist, and sometimes helping to see a bigger picture and make a complex product. I can be a producer or co-producer, recording or mixing engineer for your recordings.

Since I’ve been in all this music stuff for a pretty long time, working as a musician, composer, sound designer, location sound engineer, FOH engineer… i know some stuff about sound and music, know some old and modern techniques to make it sound as it should be.
Oh yeap — i have great mentors and have read a lot of nice books, and keep on reading. Long time sceptical Gearslutz, Prosoundweb, Diyaudio, Talkbass member and Tape-Op and CDM subscriber here.

Complex, unusual, original or pure non-mainstream music is my favourites, where different, wild/crazy or oldschool/forgotten techniques are in use to get that special music flavour and character.

I prefer to record music live (even electronic genres), because music is all about playing live.

I like to record without iso-booths, because communication between artists (and listeners) is music itself.

I’m helping to make an original sound and music that is unique, because uniqueness is art itself. No fast-food solutions here.


Produced, co-produced:

Super Collection Orchestra – Red (2018)
Recording, mixing, co-production. No grid alignment, no drum replacement, as usual.

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Asychronics – Winter 17 Sessions (2017)
Performing/composing, production, live recording, mixing (using Zvukofor hardware)

No Name Game – Self Titled (2013)
Performing/composing, live recording, mixing, production (using Zvukofor hardware)

Spiraal Aurel – Possible Things (2018) – for Nullsonics take03 compilation
Mixing, sound processing, co-production (a lot of Zvukofor hardware used)

Vestige Swell – Dirac Sea (2017) – for Nullsonics take02 compilation
Guitars/noises recording, mixing, sound processing, co-production (using Zvukofor hardware)



Junkyard Storytellaz – The Dog (2017)
Live recording

Air Canda – Air Canda (2014)
Live recording, mixing.

FMSAO – 8612 – Listopad (2018)
Special sound processing (via zvukofor hardware).

Ke Nako – 27 women
Live recording, mixing

Chaplins Band – Autumn Leaves (by Joseph Kosma, Johnny Mercer)
Live recording, mixing.

Chaplins Band – Spanish (Chick Corea cover)
Live recording, mixing.