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Music production is everything from composing and arrangement to recording and mixing, including all technical and artistic aspects.

I’m helping an artist in process of making his work of art, sometimes just “mixing a paints and preparing a canvas” for an artist, and sometimes helping to see a bigger picture and make a complex product. Zvukofor works as a producer or co-producer, recording or mixing engineer.

Since I’ve been in all this music stuff for a pretty long time, working as a musician, composer, sound designer, movie location sound engineer, FOH engineer… i know some stuff about sound and music, know some old and modern tricks to make it sound as it should be.
Oh yeap — i have great mentors and have read a lot of nice books, and keep on growing.

Complex, unusual, original or pure non-mainstream music is my favourites, where different, wild/crazy or oldschool/forgotten techniques are in use to get that special music flavour and character.

I prefer to record music live (even electronic genres), because music is all about playing live.

I like to record without iso-booths, because communication between artists (and listeners) is music itself.

I’m helping to make an original sound and music that is unique, because uniqueness is art itself. No fast-food solutions here.

Feel free to write me a letter if you want me to help you on your project.
Needless to say that location is not important in modern world, we have airplanes and trains, and some work can be done remotely just fine.

Produced, co-produced:


Super Collection Orchestra – Evacuation (Single)
Recording, mixing, synths patching, co-production.

Super Collection Orchestra – Freepop Vol.1 (2019)
Recording, mixing, co-production.

Super Collection Orchestra – Snake Pete

Super Collection Orchestra – Number November

Super Collection Orchestra – Freepop

Super Collection Orchestra – Red (2018)
Recording, mixing, co-production. No grid alignment, no drum replacement, as usual.

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Asychronics – Winter 17 Sessions (2017)
Performing/composing, production, live recording, mixing (using Zvukofor hardware)

No Name Game – Self Titled (2013)
Performing/composing, live recording, mixing, production (using Zvukofor hardware)

Spiraal Aurel – Possible Things (2018) – for Nullsonics take03 compilation
Mixing, sound processing, co-production (a lot of Zvukofor hardware used)

Vestige Swell – Dirac Sea (2017) – for Nullsonics take02 compilation
Guitars/noises recording, mixing, sound processing, co-production (using Zvukofor hardware)




Junkyard Storytellaz – The Dog (2017)
Live recording

Air Canda – Air Canda (2014)
Live recording, mixing.

FMSAO – 8612 – Listopad (2018)
Special sound processing (via zvukofor hardware).

Kenako – 27 women
Live recording, mixing

Chaplins Band – Autumn Leaves (by Joseph Kosma, Johnny Mercer)
Live recording, mixing.

Chaplins Band – Spanish (Chick Corea cover)
Live recording, mixing.