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Since I’ve been in all this music business for a pretty long time (working as a musician, sound designer, location sound engineer, live venue FOH engineer, recording studio engineer…), i know some shit about sound and music and techniques available to make or capture it.

Old, wild and crazy techniques — my favourite ones. If you want something mainstream or “like those guys” — this is not my special subject.

I like to record music live, because music is all about playing live.
I like to record without iso-booths and headphones, because communication is music itself.
I like to help to make unique sounds and to make music that sounds unique, because uniqueness is art itself.

Here some of last releases i worked on, more to come:

Junkyard Storytellaz – The Dog (2017)
Live recording engineer, co-producer.

Vestige Swell – Dirac Sea (2017) – for Nullsonics take02 compilation
Guitars recording engineer, mixing engineer, co-producer.

Air Canda – Air Canda (2014)
Live recording engineer, mixing engineer, co-producer.

No Name Game – Self Titled (2013)
Live recording engineer, mixing engineer, producer.

Blind Miles – Blind Miles (2017)
Live recording co-producer.