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Live sound

I’m helping artists to make live events sound as close as possible to the ideal – the record. So damn simple but true.

I’ve been working on a venues and open-air events for quite a long time, with a lot of different artist — from jazz to modern electronics, yada yada, and i know how to make a good sound in most /shitty/ environments with a lot of different tricks.

Communication between musicians — hearing each other clearly — is a key to a good performance. I know when it is “too loud”, i fight “mud”, and i do care for musicians comfort on stage.

Live preformance is an essence, the matter of the music itself, it is too fucking sad that today often (too often!) there’s not enough attention given to make it sound great.

I’m available for hire, BTW.

Some live videos:


Super Collection Orchestra – “Pink Punk Pt.I – Live at Galernaya 20”

Super Collection Orchestra – “Mother”

Recording in progress:

Kenako – “27 women”
Live recording (while shooting video!), mixing.

Air Canda – “Madding Roundness”
Live recording, co-production, mixing.

Working live at gigs

Keep in mind that sound recorded directly on camera mic in following videos

Ke Nako
Live at Serdce, SPb.

Anton Gorbunov Band
Live at Port Artur, SPb.

Quartet of Four
Live at Port Artur, SPb.

Air Canda at ProgDay #18
Live at Alexei Kozlov Jazz Club, Moscow.

Live at Port Artur, SPb.

Sweet Smooth Jazz Band
Live at Port Artur, SPb.