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Oh yeah, I do some audio engineering, indeed. Live, at the studio, anywhere. Helping music to sound good is my way of life. I’ve been in this for a long time, working with a lot of different artist on stage, and i know how to make a good sound with a lot of (often “unusual”) techniques.

I hate too loud, i hate mud, i know that communication between musicians (read: hearing each other clearly) is a key to good performance. Live preformance is an essence, the matter of music itself, it is too sad that often (too often!) there’s not enough attention given to a good sound.

I’m available for hire, BTW.

Here some last cuts:

Recording Super Collection Orchestra Live @Oxygen Studio, Saint-Petersburg.


Air Canda – Madding Roundness.
Live session @Oxygen Studio, Saint-Petersburg.
Recording engineer, co-producer, mixing engineer.


The Southern Comfort – Grinnin’ in your face
Live recording, mixing.


Working live at small venues: