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Tanhx – award winning stereo saturator/soft clipper/fattening device.

From subtle analogue peak limiting and nicely colored crest-factor reduction to creamy harmonics enhancing and bluesy tubey overdrive. When using it on a channel 75% you don’t need any “surgical” EQing and peak compression after this one. Just great on drums, synths, guitars (very tubey!), just everything!


Tanhx soft-clipping/harmonic generation is very dynamic, it reacts differently to fast and slow level changes, to incoming sound spectral balance, so it sounds very alive and organic, completely not like a basic diode clippers or overdrive pedals.

It is specially designed to add the effects of an old analog console channel in a modern workflows, and make it good without occupying lot of space. It is not a clone, it is versatile device which can bring a wide palette of colors.


Tanhx is a stereo device (unbalanced TRS/6.3 jack on I/O).

Powered by USB with any PSU/phone charger or laptop/desktop PC or even a powerbank(!) using basic USB-B cable (same you use for MIDI-keyboards).

• 3 modes of harmonics/symmetry:
– almost symmetric, odd harmonics prevail (push-pull amp/tape-style),
– subtly asymmetric, odd and even harmonics balanced (class A amps, old discrete consoles..),
– asymmetric, even harmonics at full (like an old tube amp)

• Emphasis: cutting lows before harmonics generating/soft-clipping stage, then boosting it after it. Low freqs has less soft-clipping, which is very useful for a mix buss, drums buss or a drum machine with a strong bass drum.

• 6dB pad for more precise control

• Cold (passive) bypass

• RGB LED indicator: shows signal present and how clipped/saturated it is – from cold to hot color hue.


Some zips with wavs inside:

Drums through Tanhx

Drums, basses and bass synths

More basses

Comparing Tanhx with LTL Silver Bullet using their demo files

I’ve always thought it would be great to hear a device demo using my own instruments, or sound samples/sequences/whatever.
So, here we go — now you can send me an audio you want to run through an amp, and i’ll send you back it already treated, on different modes, with comments. Isn’t it great?

User’s Manual

You can get manual here (pdf, 5Mb)
Some details on using Tanhx, processing structure, harmonics plots and clipping curves.

Tanhx won Synthposium 5 festival award
in category “Best FX/sound processing device” in Moscow last august.

Here Peter Kirn of writes about award and event.