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CLA – coloring limiting amplifier.

It shares soft-clipping/saturating stage with Tanhx, yet it has dirty compressor/limiter before it. From subtle warming and gentle moves to complete volume envelope reshaping, especially great on sequencing synths and drum machines.


• Lim knob: acts as a threshold knob, up to 60dB of compression!

• 3 attack times: from very fast to pretty long,

• 3 release times: from very fast to pretty long too,

• 3 modes high-pass sidechain filter switch: filter off, 100Hz and 200Hz with a 6dB/oct slope,

• Pump switch: basically making a compressor pass low frequencies uncompressed, so everything else “pumps” to it,

• Cold limiter bypass, so you can use only soft-clipper/saturator stages.

CLA is a stereo unit, powered by USB with any PSU/charger and basic USB-B cable.


I’ve always thought it would be great to hear a device demo using my own instruments, or sound samples/sequences/whatever.
So, here we go — now you can send me an audio you want to run through an amp, and i’ll send you back it already treated, on different modes, with comments. Isn’t it great?