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Binder is a touchscreen remote controller for Cockos Reaper DAW.
It is a template for a Liine Lemur app, it works wirelessly via OSC protocol from iPads or Android devices.

Binder – EQ editing on a selected track

Using Binder you can work with Reaper just like with a modern digital console with touchscreen/iPad remote, no need to stare at the monitor on fancy GUIs. Engineer can focus exclusively on sound, not on the tool itself.

It is known fact that user experience and user-machine interface plays a vital role in music production. That’s why most tasks at the studio just plain feels better (and faster) working with analog consoles and outboard — you can just control everything with bare hands, not to mention the ability to grab 2 or more things at once, or with all 10 fingers.

Actually, the same is true for controllers too: once you had a good experience of fader riding with bare hands you’ll never want to come back to mouse pointer.

Binder – Realtime EBU/RMS level analyzer via dPMeter. EBU Momentary scale is shown.

Navigation in a project, tracks/folders navigation, most track/takes operations, color-coded level meters (calibrated at -23dBFS as 0VU), dynamic range meters, up to 10 sends and receives per track accessible immediately (monitoring mixes!), and almost any operations on a plugins, including multitouch parameters editing, which is a must. User can actually have fingers on real (albeit touchscreen-based) faders and write any volume/pan/plugins automation he wants.

The advanced workflow using controllers such as Binder is simple and fast: you select a track, you add/move/edit a plugin, add/arm/solo any tracks, writing any parameters automation for the plugins realy fast…

And more – selecting only tracks you want to see right now, or all muted tracks, or only folders or busses, for example…

Navigating within a project “classic way” – by grid, markers and regions, making markers and regions, choosing “best takes” by ear…

Binder will be released as a donationware soon.

You can try a current beta version.

Beta includes all configs for Reaper and Lemur template.
There’re no manual right now for this version,
but basic concepts and connections are described in included manual for version 1.

More info coming soon!