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Binder is an OSC controller for Cockos Reaper DAW.
It is a template for a Liine Lemur app, it works wirelessly from iPads (or Android devices).

Binder – EQ editing on a selected track

Binder makes you to work with Reaper just like with a modern digital console with iPad remote, no need to stare at the monitor on fancy GUIs.
You select a track, you add/move/edit a plugin, add/arm/solo any tracks, show only tracks you want right now, etc.

Navigation in a project, tracks/folders navigation, necessary track/takes operations, color-coded level meters (calibrated at -23 as 0VU), dynamic range meters, up to 10 sends and receives pre track accessible immediately (monitoring mixes!), and almost any operations on a plugins, including multitouch parameters editing, which is a must.

Binder will be released as a donationware this april, i hope.

More info coming soon!

Binder – Realtime EBU/RMS level analyzer via dPMeter. EBU Momentary scale is shown.