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We make a lot of strange musical and audio devices — coloring amplifiers/mojoboxes, strange EQs, saturation devices, passive mixers, colored mixers, DI-boxes… MIDI-controllers, performance instruments, touchscreen interfaces.

We make all of them by hand, in small series or on order, so these are real custom-shop, boutique devices. We can add or cut some features on your demand, we design things you want. Full life service included.

Color Amps series

Tanhx – award winning saturator/soft clipper/fattening device.
From subtle analogue peak limiting and nicely colored crest-factor reduction to creamy harmonics enhancing and bluesy tubey overdrive. Just great on drums, synths, guitars (very tubey!), just everything!
Stereo unit, powered by USB.

CLA – coloring limiting amplifier. From subtle warming to complete volume envelope reshaping, especially great on sequencing synths and drum machines.
Stereo unit, powered by USB.

CSM – coloring tone-bending amplifier, preamp-DI-box, powered via phantom +48 or USB power. Passive 3-band EQ, 9 modes of saturation. From subtly warming to pretty strong overdrive.

Coloring DI-boxes. Belclere transformer, no FET input, ’70-style. 2 isolated outputs, passive clipping limiter.

Custom shop designs

Custom typewriter MIDI controller and touchscreen controller for an artist.

Custom touchscreen controller for TDR SlickEQs

Coloring compressing amplifier-DI-box. Powered by +48V phantom or 9VDC from pedalboard.

Custom 2-channel preamp: mic pre with soft limiter, instrument pre with booster, 3-band passive EQ, compressor and limiter.