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Category: Work in progress

R&D results

Long research and development times sometimes bring good results. So far so long, here is the first demo of the upcoming saturation device. You can call it saturator, limiter, harmonics generator, whatever. I call it tanhx.

Synth sequence. Tanhx is plugged on recorded synth track in Reaper via hardware insert.
First 30 seconds — no FX, then 30 seconds with tanhx working pretty hard.

Next coming demo with drums(?) or maybe bass guitar.

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Small progress

We all know the comfort is great thing. We all love handy devices. A device that is easy to use is a best thing user can wish.

Lets talk about powering of the devices: we want portability, less cords, and no wallwarts. Different 9V PSU bricks are the ugliest thing ever happened to mobile music — ever tried to wrap a setup full of wallwart-powered devices?…

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