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Zvukofor Sound Labs is a small, errr, laboratory, driven by one man, working for a better music and sound. I make different unique things — custom sound devices, interfaces for music production, modding instruments and tools, and i do some music production — recording, mixing, producing.


My name is Valentin “Zvukofor” Victorovich, and i’ve been in audio engineering for about 20 years. Making devices, repairing stuff, working on a movie sets as a sound engineer, FOH engineer, recording at the studios, installing tech stuff in studios, assembling different musicians custom setups…

I started to make music devices only because i (or some fellow musicians) could not found the tools we need when working on music. So, the music comes first here — i make things that works at their place.

Zvukofor Sound Labs is a small manufacture, working in full manual mode — direct communication with a customer, full lifetime service, no marketing bullshit.
Just write me a letter or send a message, if you want me to work on your project, to order/test one of our devices or if you just have any questions.

I’m working for a better music, for musicians, for music culture, not for the big profits, that’s explains a lot.