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Zvukofor Sound Labs is a small, errr, laboratory, driven by one man (plus some helping fellows), working for a better music and sound.

What do we do:
— music production: recording, mixing, producing,
— manufacturing custom sound devices, interfaces for music production, modding instruments and tools.


My name is Valentin “Zvukofor” Viktorovich, and i’ve been in music and audio engineering for about 20 years. Playing music, co-producing music, working on a movie sets as a sound engineer, FOH engineer, recording at the studios, making devices, repairing stuff, installing tech stuff in studios, assembling different musicians custom setups…

I started to make music devices only because i (or some fellow musicians/engineers) could not found the tools we need when working on music. So, the music comes first here — i make things that works at their place.

Peter Kirn of says a couple of words about our work here. It is a pleasure to be one of the favourites for him.

Our most popular device — Zvukofor Tanhx — won Synthposium-5 festival award “best FX device” in august 2018 in Moscow.

Zvukofor Sound Labs is a small manufacture, working in full manual mode — direct communication with a customer, full lifetime support, no marketing bullshit.

Just write me a letter or send a message, if you want me to work on your project, to order/test one of our devices or if you just have any questions.

We work for a better music, for musicians, for music culture, not for the big profits, that’s explains a lot.