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Our local St.Peterburg’s own market-expo-live music event called “Zhelezo” (plain “Hardware” in russian), being not as big as Synthposium, has a very friendly atmosphere and that useful weekend mood.


The participators: a bunch of local hardware builders, including me, Pribor and Popobawa, some hardware synth collectors/sellers — Spasibo Kolya, Synths Club and Niki Keyz

Zvukofor Sound Labs at Zhelezo

Builders, collectors and a lot of musicians, home producers, engineers, and just guys interested in electronic music. Drinking wine (beer, coffee), turning knobs, playing keys (and guitars too!), learning something new — all in a classic St.-P’ way.
We had some special guests too — Vladislav Goncharov of Tokyo Dawn Labs spent a lot of time listening to our devices. I really appreciate his work in modern audio DSP, so it was a real honour for me when Vlad bought my “dirty DI-box”.

Vlad Goncharov of Tokyo Dawn Labs playing with Zvukofor toys

Zhelezo is not only a market/expo, it has some educating programme — this time it was two lectures and one workshop.
Lectures — one about guitar synthesizers, by Alexey Lushnikov, and another one about mojo and overall fat sound, by me. Once again i’ve promised to write an article based on that lecture… patience, guys, i’d definitely write it soon, it is my topic!

Alex Lushnikov
Zvukofor speaking about mojo


This time the workshop theme was “Sound and CV generators and their usage” hosted by Boris Shershenkov, and besides theory, participants were building “Shebos Preamer” double LFO.

Workshop at Zhelezo

Evening music gig with some great local musicians using latest devices available was a very nice special bonus from music hardware distributor MusicMag, one of the biggest in Russia.

While being a much more relaxed than bigger music/tech events, Zheleso (it was third Zhelezo event!) truly has that special artistic mood and almost lazy, hedonistic atmosphere that only events made in St.-Petersburg has.

Moreover: local engineers late evening meeting on Zhelezo (almost afterparty?) brought some bright ideas and expectancies in collaborations.

Spectacular event.

Photos by Zvukofor, Ilf Voron

More photos here.

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