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Small progress

We all know the comfort is great thing. We all love handy devices. A device that is easy to use is a best thing user can wish.

Lets talk about powering of the devices: we want portability, less cords, and no wallwarts. Different 9V PSU bricks are the ugliest thing ever happened to mobile music — ever tried to wrap a setup full of wallwart-powered devices?…

USB is great, we all have phones, tablets, really lot of different things charging from it, it’s a common practice. Small audio interfaces with USB connection draws power from it — it’s very convenient.

Now, imagine: USB-powered audio device…an EQ, or maybe compressor, whatever comes to mind.

Here it comes! Most of our devices are already utilize phantom powering when working like DI-boxes, but this is not universal solution, sometimes we have no mixer, sometimes we don’t need DI out.

So, very soon our Color Amps and other boxes will have a USB-B port for powering! You can power it from a laptop, any phone charger or even a powerbank! That’s what i call convenient, useable, practical solution.

Even more: i can make a small box for powering 9V music boxes from USB port too, after all — 2.5 Watts is enough juice for most of them.

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