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Small report from Synthposium

So, that was amazing. Great event, great music, great workshops and great expo, great people. Too many “great” at one place, almost impossible, yet true. Best russian musical/technical event ever. It was great to be a part of it.

Thank you all visitors, colleagues, managers, organizers, musicians!

Synthposium 2017 expo
Synthposium 2017 expo overview

Zvukofor Sound Labs stand at Synthposium.
Here you can see all our current devices: touchscreen controller for Cockos Reaper, 4 different coloring amplifiers, DI-boxes, mics, custom mic/voice processor that built inside an old telephone and a MIDI-controller keyboard built from an old typewriter. More info on all these devices coming very soon.

Zvukofor Sound Labs stand at Synthposium 2017
Zvukofor Sound Labs coloring amplifiers and DI-boxes
Meeblip triode synth and Zvukofor CH-M coloring amp. Peter Kirn found them very nice working together.
Zvukofor CS-M coloring amplifier
Zvukofor CS-M coloring amplifier
Richard Devine live at Synthposium 2017
Ulrich Schnauss live at Synthposium 2017

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