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Zvukofor Sound Labs Posts

One more record, vol.2

One more sound engineering/co-production job done for Super Collection Orchestra.
Now everything is programmed except guitars and some synths played live.

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A Single

One more sound engineering/co-production job done for Super Collection Orchestra.

The first song was recorded live in a very small room, except vocal overdubs guitar solos, and synthesized bass drum at the end of the song. The second one is a live recording from a concert, the drums has some sample replacement, everything else stays as it was recorded.

Listen at Apple Music.

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Red release

We did sound recording (including live drums on all tracks, no editing/grid alignment/drum replacement!), mixing, sound design and all other stuff for this album by Supcolorc guys.

Recording: Zvukofor and Serge Zhulkov at Oxygen Studios, SPb.
Mixing, co-production, sound design, all stuff: Zvukofor.
Produced by: Supcolorc
Mastering: Masterskaya

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More Tanhx demos

Demoing Tanhx on a drums.

Take a look at those meters: peaks are almost matched on clean and processed drums, and you can see that RMS is 10dB higher with Tanhx, yet it sounds very organic.

Soft-clipping is that special thing in making “good old fat warm analog” sound, those big consoles often clipped like this, giving more weight to the sounds.

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We have a winner!

We won Synthposium 5 award in category “Best FX/sound processing device” for our Tanhx saturation/soft clipper/fattening machine!


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Synthposium 5

So, the Synthposium 5 is coming this week!
We’ll participate at expo (september 1-2) with our latest devices, namely Tanhx saturation device and its variations, and i’ll read a lecture (august 30) on good and bad distortion in music: all about mojo, “analog sound”, harmonics, saturation, and aliasing, IMD, et cetera.

See you there!

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Last music

Super Collection Orchestra – “Mother”, live at Oxygen Studio, Saint Petersburg.
Did live recording, co-production, mixing. You can see how much is possible to do recording band live. Right now we’re finishing a long work on album for Super Collection Orchestra, get ready.


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R&D results

Long research and development times sometimes bring good results. So far so long, here is the first demo of the upcoming saturation device. You can call it saturator, limiter, harmonics generator, whatever. I call it tanhx.

Synth sequence. Tanhx is plugged on recorded synth track in Reaper via hardware insert.
First 30 seconds — no FX, then 30 seconds with tanhx working pretty hard.

Next coming demo with drums(?) or maybe bass guitar.

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Our local St.Peterburg’s own market-expo-live music event called “Zhelezo” (plain “Hardware” in russian), being not as big as Synthposium, has a very friendly atmosphere and that useful weekend mood.

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